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Brand Strategy // 08.16.18

10 Rules to Getting Your Brand Discovered

Getting your brand discovered can be one of the hardest things about growing your company and promoting your products and services. How do you do it? How do you make your brand easy to find? It’s an age-old problem that’s plagued companies for years, and it’s one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Depending on your industry, your company culture, how active you are on online platforms, and other elements, the strategy for getting your brand discovered could be vastly different from another company’s approach.

Inbound Marketing // 08.02.18

Your Guide for Managing Social Media

Managing  social media for your organization is a big responsibility. It might just seem like tweets and posts, but in reality you’re responsible for how your brand is seen online. We’ve used social media for inbound marketing for years, and we know exactly what guidelines you should be following to make the best impression online. Here are our top 10 rules for managing your social media.

Inbound Marketing // 07.10.18

3 Steps to Make a Content Distribution Plan

Creating a content distribution plan is critical to the success of your inbound marketing, but first and foremost is the content itself. Content is the foundation of Inbound Marketing. Whether it’s blog posts, eBooks, White Papers, infographics, videos, presentations, or templates, that content is how you attract your target audience to your company. By offering expertise and information in exchange for contact information, you have the opportunity to move prospects and leads through your sales funnel at a pace that is natural for your contacts. And who doesn’t want that? But what happens after you’ve created valuable content? How do you get your awesome content into the hands of potential customers?

Inbound Marketing // 03.20.18

Instagram and Your Business

Instagram announced the launch of Instagram Business Tools, which will fundamentally change the way the social network is used in the B2C and B2B world. Instagram began as a photo-sharing app, and its entrance into the business world will give organizations the opportunity to build brand awareness where their customers already hang out. These new features will provide a way for businesses to further leverage social networking to help their brands grow.

// 10.12.17

10 Most Common SEO mistakes

Everyone always asks “My site will be SEO’d out right?” Everyone wants traffic to be driven to there site. There are alot of snake oil salesmen out there telling people to pack in key words, write in as much as you can. The problem is that google algerytm the formula it uses to pull results reads like you and I might read. It wants natural content. Does that mean there is nothing to do? No, there are things to do and below are 10 of them.

// 10.03.17

4 Strategies to Increase Your Website Conversions

As an Orange County Web Design firm, we here at Zinc Solutions see a lot of companies strive to increase their website conversions. The online marketplace is intensely competitive and consumers can often find dozens, if not hundreds, of company websites offering products or services that are similar to each other. Through the use of creative web design strategies that focus on the acquisition of site traffic, visitor retention and engagement, and improving conversion rates, you can outpace your competition and achieve your sales and marketing goals.

// 07.07.17

6 Essential Tips for SMB Social Marketing

When you’re trying to make your small to medium sized business hot with what’s trending, you can’t overlook the social component. Social media is the here and now and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In order to fully appreciate what goes into social media marketing here are 6 essential tips for your SMB and it’s social media marketing efforts.

Inbound Marketing // 06.28.17

5 Easy Ways to Improve your eCommerce Store’s Traffic

As the competition for e-commerce business continues to expand – as does the consumer’s experience with these types of websites – it’s imperative for business owners to keep pace in an ever-changing game.

Recent Work // 06.26.17

How to Know When it’s Time for a Website Redesign

In a world seemingly saturated by product placement, market driven research, and flashy advertising, it is essential to remain competitive. The most ubiquitous of all these strategies, is a company’s website and online presence. Today clients can access a website from just about anywhere — from their phones, tablets, laptops, and even some cars. In light of this omnipresence, it is imperative that marketing and business executives alike remain competitive and forward thinking with regard to the design of their website, and to the marketing of that site.

Inbound Marketing // 06.22.17

Progressive Enhancements to Your Website

Progressive enhancements are important to keep your web design fresh and appealing.  It’s a web principle geared towards embracing both user engagement and successful SEO. Progressive enhancements make sure a site’s pages are designed in such a way that they render on every browser. Fundamentally, a basic page is generated first. The more complex and is added based on the browser’s ability to support it.

Growth Driven Design // 06.15.17

Growth Driven Design Versus Traditional Web Design

Curious about the difference between growth driven design and traditional web design? Proponents of growth driven design want you to know that it is a flexible new method for building websites that reduces the risks and costs typical of traditional design. For instance, it reduces the chances of running over budget, past the deadline and failing to meet goals by keeping the design process open ended.

Growth Driven Design // 06.07.17

5 Benefits of Growth Driven Design

Growth driven design offers a variety of benefits over traditional web design. Not only is it a more fluid approach to web designing, but it also helps reduce the amount of risk that small and mid-sized businesses undertake in the process. Here is a look at the five ways growth driven design can help you:

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