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SVGs- The Future of Web Images

When it comes to images on a website, they fall into two main categories, raster and vector graphics. Raster graphics are images made of pixels. Each pixel is a certain color and the blending of the different shades brings out the image. JPG, GIF and PNG are all raster graphics. Vector graphics can be thought of as grown-up connect-the-dot images. They’re created by placing points on a plane. EPS and AI graphics, commonly used in printing, are examples of vector graphics. Vector graphics use a code similar to html to make.

Social Media and Your Marketing

Social media marketing is a relatively new player in the mix of marketing activities and elements. While Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin have been around for several years, organizations are starting to figure out how to use these powerful online vehicles to both expand their brand reach and connect with customers.

Why Your Website Wants to Be Responsive

Responsive web design. It’s something you’ve unquestionably heard a lot about, but do you really know what it is and why it’s a solution your business needs to think about?

Zinc Designs New POPin Website

POPin, a crowdsolving platform used to engage employees and partners, partnered with Zinc to develop a heightened and elevated brand DNA and messaging.

Zinc Builds Responsive eCommerce Website for Glockstore.com

Glockstore.com is an online source for Glock firearms, parts and accessories. It provides the finest training, products, and apparel for Glocks. They offer more than 1000 factory fresh, inspected, and tested glock firearms, parts and accessories online. Glockstore.com needed a website that could not only sell their premium products, but also do so in a modern, organized, and aesthetically pleasing way.

JT Racing Launches New Website

JT Racing USA, the most innovative and legendary motocross gear company of the ’70s, re-entered the market with an exciting new line of high-end and uniquely advanced riding gear.

Web Trends for 2016

Like the rest of the Internet, website design is constantly evolving. Each year brings a new set of web design trends that makes web browsing more pleasant for users, and lead website owners to build better websites. 2016 is no different, as it is expected to feature some of the most exciting web design trends ever. Here are a few that everyone should keep an eye out for:

The Benefits of Magento Multi Store eCommerce Platforms

Using Magento multi-stores on an eCommerce platform is one of the top options for eCommerce web design solutions, allowing managers to easily create and launch multiple, yet unique, eCommerce websites from one central dashboard. Regardless of different situational requirements, using a platform this way allows brands to form an easy-to-manage, comprehensive multi-store strategy. Some of the most notable advantages of choosing Magento multi stores for eCommerce stores include:

Browser Compatibility and Your Website

Before a site can be launched, it has to go through a rigorous process of testing to be sure everything is working according to the way it was designed. Links are checked, images are evaluated, content is given a last read-through, and the site is checked on multiple browsers to be sure things don’t break while being viewed from certain web browsers. This last part is critical- what may appear to work in your browser could be causing significant problems for someone using a different one.

Zinc Launches Responsive eCommerce Site for EVS Sports

EVS, the leader in protective performance gear, needed a new responsive eCommerce website on which to sell their leading merchandise and establish their brand lifestyle online. EVS wanted to ensure their motorsports brand and lifestyle were highlighted in the new design, and they engaged local Orange County Web Design Agency Zinc to design, program, and integrate the appropriate technologies into the new website. View Site

Your Website and the “New Fold”

For a majority of web designers, crafting for the “fold” has always been highly prioritized though this has recently changed. In the past, desktop computers were the only devices that one could access the World Wide Web with. Innovative technological advancements have led to the development and production of new devices such as tablets, smart phones and even internet enabled television sets which also allow users to browse the internet at home, in the office or while on the go.

Zinc Launches Responsive Website for Tevora

Zinc Solutions, an Orange County Web Design Agency, launched a new responsive website for Tevora, a premier management consulting firm specializing in information assurance, governance and compliance services and solutions. Zinc Solutions designed the new Tevora website to showcase the company’s four towers of solutions, boast a new visual design, promote the company’s services specific to industry verticals, and present new content that is inline with their new brand identity.

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