Website Analytics

We combine buyer-centric research with competitive analysis to help you create buyer personas that identify your customer’s challenges and map where and how they search for solutions. With the buyer’s journey mapped out, we use keyword analysis and social listening tools to learn the language they speak and identify the conversations you need to join. From there, our messaging framework provides the foundation for insightful, informative, and truly useful content that helps potential buyers take the right next step.

Audience Listening

To best determine what actions to take for your custom strategy, we audit relevant conversations to understand volume, topics, underlying issues, and to identify influencers who are driving the conversation.

Customer Conversions

To create content that converts, it is imperative every person producing your content has a deep understanding of who your buyers are and the information they’re searching for throughout the sales cycle. They can then create and map the right content to the right buyers at the right time, attracting them to the content by promoting it in the places they’re most likely to see it and respond.

Campaign ROI

Once you know the payback period and the return on investment, you have the primary information that your boss needs to make the decision as to whether or not this is the best use of the companies’ money. Executives are continually balancing where to best put the funds of their organization so that they can continue to grow the organization.

Social Media Activity

Traditional methods of measuring ROI are misplaced when it comes to gauging the impact of social media initiatives. A detailed look at some branding and satisfaction metrics and advanced attribution models that help marketers understand the true impact of social and how it can strengthen relationships between the brand and customers.