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10 Most Common SEO mistakes


Everyone always asks “My site will be SEO’d out right?” Everyone wants traffic to be driven to there site. There are alot of snake oil salesmen out there telling people to pack in key words, write in as much as you can. The problem is that google algerytm the formula it uses to pull results reads like you and I might read. It wants natural content. Does that mean there is nothing to do? No, there are things to do and below are 10 of them.

1. Have one Homepage - sounds crazy but many people who have a site that used perhaps a megento ecommerce and a wordpress for the remaining pages might have two homepages.

2. Optimize Images - Search engines dont much like images, a common mistake companies make is they have a basic image of there logo at the top of the page, problem you miss a huge opertunity. this top image should be a H1 tag and the logo should be a background element.

3. LINK, LINK, LINK… - Sounds easy right, supringly people dont do this, but its simple in your blog post link to the sites that inaspired the post.

4. Keyword research - Before you shell out coin for a copywriter or you do it yourself research your key words, and make sure whoever is writing your site knows to work those in.

5. Company name - If your company is Home Happieness Project, use that name don’t abbrivate it in the URL to HHP.com, the search engine will never get this.

6. Page titles - Every page on a the site should have a title telling what the hell is on the site.

7. Page-meta- It's oldschool putting in a page description in the meta data. But search engines still use them, so just do it and it should be relatiable to the other keywords and content, don’t try and get silly hear or you could be blacklist.

8. Don’t be vague, saying “buy our merchandise will help support our philinthropic mission” is lovely but saying buy this *t-shirt* will *help a child in a third world country*

9. Catigories and Tags, if you dont have a blog get one and then make sure you use keywords as catagories and tags.

10. SEO should not be what you do last, it should be started at the begining.


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