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6 Essential Tips for SMB Social Marketing


When you’re trying to make your small to medium sized business hot with what’s trending, you can’t overlook the social component. Social media is the here and now and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In order to fully appreciate what goes into social media marketing here are 6 essential tips for your SMB and it’s social media marketing efforts.

1. Optimize

One thing which marketers seem to always forget when it comes to social media marketing is that you have got to have a streamlined message going in. You can’t just put your product or service up on social media and think “that’s it!” You have got to have a carefully cultivated and thoughtful message; even though social media and the social networks are informal and casual, if your message isn’t clear then your social media marketing is dead in the water.

2. Inquire

Another thing that you need to do in your social marketing efforts is find out why people like your product and what you can do to make it better. Of course you can’t field all suggestions but by looking over just what people have to say about your business you will begin to see some trends begin to emerge. If you don’t know who your customer is or what they want what better tactic to take then to ask them?

3. Focus

One more thing that you don’t want to do in social media marketing is oversell yourself. If you are always talking about your product and how great it is you are going to lose a big chunk of your followers. One way to avoid that is to focus in on what your customer wants, why your customer is there and what you can do to make your customers lives better. It may feel like a waste of your time but if your product or service becomes affiliated with making your customers lives better, why would they ever stop using you?

4. Promote

Just because you write content on your webpage and post it up on social media, that doesn’t mean that you are doing all you can to promote your social media marketing. It’s right there in the name; you have got to market your social media presence or no one will ever know you’re there. It’s a little bit like a tree falling in the woods and wondering if it’s ever going to make a sound with no one there to hear it. If your social media marketing remains unread was it ever even marketing at all?

5. Boundaries

When you are doing a social media marketing campaign you have got to push the envelope. If you have ever thought of doing a podcast, taking viewers on a virtual tour, acting out some scene you have in mind, or anything else really, when you are figuring out how to promote your social media marketing is the perfect time to do what you’ve always wanted to!

6. Consistency

Whether it’s once a week, once a month or once an hour you have got to keep your social media marketing presence consistent. When you get followers they are going to come to expect things of your social media presence. If your marketing establishes a standard and then one day just stops, it’s offensive. It never pays to confuse your customers.

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