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Magento Imagine 2013 [A Zinc Recap]

Now that the dust has settled and I’ve returned from Magento Imagine 2013, I wanted to recap the awesome 3 days we spent with over 1,500 Magento Enterprise community members.

Zinc Builds ONE Industries Site on Magento Enterprise

Zinc Solutions, a Magento Enterprise partner, re-branded the ONE Industries website. As the world’s leading motocross graphics company and an innovative manufacturer of racing and riding apparel, ONE wanted to expand their online branding to reflect current industry trends and maximize ecommerce and lead generation capabilities.

How Content Can Improve Search Engine Rankings

As an Orange County digital agency, we help companies tune their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a regular basis. One of the biggest things we’ve seen is that no matter what anyone tells you, getting your website to show up on the first page of Google is hard. Between multiple companies trying to rank for the same terms, tons of different media types, meta data, URLs, content, and the super secretive Google Algorithm, it takes a lot of time and a constant effort to get your website to a #1 ranking.

3 Reasons for Responsive Web Design

Just a few years ago, if a company wanted their website to be viewable on different platforms, completely separate sites had to be designed, programmed, and implemented. It sounds like a lot of extra work, right? But now, thanks to a recent focus on what’s calledresponsive web design, one site can be designed so it scales to varying screen resolutions, definitions, and orientations.

New BeyondTrust Website Built for Demand Generation

Zinc re-branded this leading security software company and built a website to help BeyondTrust deliver unmatched vulnerability and privilege management solutions to enterprise organizations. The site not only helped this B2B technology company position itself as the leader in a niche security market, but also considerably increased demand generation and lead flow for the company.

ONE Industries Jumps Past the Competition

ONE Industries, the world’s leading motocross graphics company and manufacturer of racing and riding apparel and helmets recently partnered with digital design agency ZINC Solutions to launch a new site that showcases ONE’s products and the highlights the company’s forward thinking designs for the motorcycle and mountain bike community.

Website brings Lead Generation to Webalo

Zinc re-branded Webalo, a leading enterprise mobility company, and built a website to help them establish brand equity in the enterprise mobility space and position their company as mobile technology thought leaders. The site also helped them increase lead generation capabilities and expand their partner relationships.

Eccentex Website Optimized for Inbound Marketing

Zinc branded Eccentex as an industry-leading cloud application company, and built their website to help the company deliver knowledge worker apps to enterprise organizations. The site also helped this high-tech B2B Company increase brand awareness and lead flow while setting them apart from the rest of the market.

SUPCO Stand Up Paddle Co Site Launch

Relaunch of Supcompany.com release is in stride with Annual Outdoor Retailer Convention

Tapping the Power of Social Games on Facebook

“Gamification” is one of those magical buzz words that is simultaneously grating and legitimately useful. Whatever you make of the jargon, gamification is a huge trend for marketers, who use game mechanics — such as rewards, leaderboards and challenges — to build brand loyalty, grow their community and boost sales.

The War Against Digital’s Uninspired Creative

Traditionally, brand dollars have been devoted to TV and print largely because of those channels’ ability to deliver impactful, memorable creative. Although online offers marketers sophisticated tracking and analytics that traditional channels lack, often it has been dismissed as a branding vehicle because it supposedly lacks the creative capabilities necessary to build a brand. Luckily, that supposition is rapidly being proven incorrect.

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