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Is Growth Driven Design Best For Your Business

The goal of any business website is to draw people in and push them toward making a purchase. Today, businesses maximize their ROI by actively analyzing their site traffic and modifying their site to drive traffic in a specific direction. This process is known as Growth Driven Design, and it is provides a number of benefits over traditional web design. Deciding whether or not Growth Driven Design for you comes down to three major questions.

How to Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson

When considering your sales team, do you think of your website? The truth is, your site is a sales asset 24/7, always ready to pitch clients and sell your products or services. Since websites are always "on the sales floor," why don't they get the same training and attention as the rest of your sales team? It's not enough to revamp them once every two years. Yet, many websites get neglected for years at a time until they're completely replaced. It's time for a better approach.

5 Benefits of Growth Driven Design

Growth driven design offers a variety of benefits over traditional web design. Not only is it a more fluid approach to web designing, but it also helps reduce the amount of risk that small and mid-sized businesses undertake in the process. Here is a look at the five ways growth driven design can help you:

Growth Driven Design Versus Traditional Web Design

Curious about the difference between growth driven design and traditional web design? Proponents of growth driven design want you to know that it is a flexible new method for building websites that reduces the risks and costs typical of traditional design. For instance, it reduces the chances of running over budget, past the deadline and failing to meet goals by keeping the design process open ended.

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