Business Consulting

A strategy for market leadership starts with a vision; but even a visionary needs help drafting plans for a framework that will actually work. So we’ll ask questions, question the answers–scrutinize any idea that could make you more competitive.Our competitive analysis services are developed with that in mind. We perform an extensive industry survey and analysis to gauge exactly how your brand, products, and services are perceived against your competition. We provide both short-term and long-term recommendations for meeting core objectives and securing top market positioning. Finally, we determine specific areas of future growth and expansion.

Market Research

At Zinc, market research means understanding which tactics are working in competing products as well as relevant products in non-competitive markets, discovering unmet user needs in the hunt for new opportunities, and driving long-term product planning and positioning.

Persona Studies

We want to deliver the best user experience possible, on every project. To do this, we have to understand the users themselves. Who are they? What are they looking for? How can we add value to their experience? For high-volume, high-traffic sites, detailed insight into a complex user base is vital. Zinc’s interactive designers create ‘Personas’; identifying common priorities among your users and tailoring the information architecture to their needs. The result? Web sites and applications that feel right .

Corporate ID

Increasingly, the web is the primary way consumers interact with a brand. Zinc’s brand identity team works to clearly define brand strategy and positioning, and translate these into an actual identity solution. Our goal: to create an online-friendly identity that works in all scenarios from web to mobile, print and beyond.

Web Analytics

Spend less time wrangling data and more time making data-driven decisions. Measure the volume, conversion, velocity, and value of your marketing efforts—and map those metrics from the beginning of the buyer’s journey. We build an actionable marketing analytics strategy so you can monitor content performance, optimize your channels, and make every penny of your budget count.