We began when e-commerce was in its infancy; a time when buyers went online only for things they couldn’t buy in-store, and low-tech environments did little for premium brands. Today, we’re pleased to be leading the charge in merging usability with shopability, and driving consumers online first.


Our team of Strategy Consultants provides in-depth evaluations and actionable solutions to expand your business and drive revenue. With a minimum of 10 years experience in ecommerce, our seasoned consultants keep abreast of the most innovative and impactful strategies in the industry to help your business engage customers, build brand loyalty, and ultimately increase conversion rates.


We provide award-winning integration and customization for Magento, ecommerce projects. With experienced expert designers and developers, we follow an innovative and profoundly disciplined project management model that keeps clients fully involved throughout the process and ensures a clean execution..


Zinc’s experienced in development of large-scale initiatives includes integrating web solutions with third-party products and applications. Specific areas of expertise include e-commerce solutions such as Magento,, with ERP applications (Netsuite, Microsoft Dymanics, SAGE, SAP.


Zinc loves community. With social networks and user-generated content forming a major part of the web’s fabric, we work with global brands to develop effective strategies: to reach out to new and existing audiences, to understand in detail how companies are perceived, or even to bring entirely new communities together. This requires a deep understanding of individual and collective user behavior, as well as technical experience of how social media platforms are developed and sustained. We love community.