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Growth Driven Design // 03.23.17

Is Growth Driven Design Best For Your Business

The goal of any business website is to draw people in and push them toward making a purchase. Today, businesses maximize their ROI by actively analyzing their site traffic and modifying their site to drive traffic in a specific direction. This process is known as Growth Driven Design, and it is provides a number of benefits over traditional web design. Deciding whether or not Growth Driven Design for you comes down to three major questions.

Growth Driven Design // 03.07.17

How to Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson

When considering your sales team, do you think of your website? The truth is, your site is a sales asset 24/7, always ready to pitch clients and sell your products or services. Since websites are always "on the sales floor," why don't they get the same training and attention as the rest of your sales team? It's not enough to revamp them once every two years. Yet, many websites get neglected for years at a time until they're completely replaced. It's time for a better approach.

Growth Driven Design // 02.28.17

Growth Driven Design Versus Traditional Web Design

Curious about the difference between growth driven design and traditional web design? Proponents of growth driven design want you to know that it is a flexible new method for building websites that reduces the risks and costs typical of traditional design. For instance, it reduces the chances of running over budget, past the deadline and failing to meet goals by keeping the design process open ended.

Growth Driven Design // 02.16.17

5 Benefits of Growth Driven Design

Growth driven design offers a variety of benefits over traditional web design. Not only is it a more fluid approach to web designing, but it also helps reduce the amount of risk that small and mid-sized businesses undertake in the process. Here is a look at the five ways growth driven design can help you:

inbound marketing // 01.05.17

What Comes First – Inbound Marketing or a New Website

When it comes to launching an inbound marketing initiative, many companies are faced with the challenge of figuring out how to budget for both the marketing campaign and a new website design. The truth is that your site may not require a complete redesign to work effectively with your inbound marketing efforts. Instead, you could begin rolling out your marketing strategy today and then take queues from your site’s performance before you decide which features need the most attention. 

inbound marketing // 12.19.16

Inexpensive Ways to Nail Your SaaS Marketing

Inexpensive SaaS Marketing (marketing for Software as a Service) is necessary to think about now that SaaS has become one of the most popular platforms in the business setting. Like with other services, to successfully market SaaS tools you will need to let prospective users know how your product can help them, as well as reasons why it’s better Enterprise Application Software (EAS). Some of these reasons include:

inbound marketing // 11.15.16

The Ins and Outs of Retargeting AdsYour Blog Post

How to do retargeting ads work? This is one the questions we get asked the most as a digital agency. This kind of ad is a great way to capture the attention of website visitors who have already expressed interest in your product and brands by visiting your website. No matter how great your website is and what your products are, most visitors to your site will not make a purchase immediately. Instead, they will shop around with similar companies and brands to compare costs before making a decision. Ad retargeting places your brand back in their line of vision over time to remind them that your brand has something to offer.

inbound marketing // 09.20.16

5 Misconceptions about the Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

There exists in the business world a belief that sales teams and marketing departments are constantly at war with each other. Obviously there must be some validity to this statement, otherwise it wouldn’t continue to propagate among organizations, but generally this misconception is false and is the result of poor communication or ill-aligned goals. Let us squash some of the myths floating around so you can focus on getting your sales and marketing on the same page.

redesign // 09.08.16

B2B Brand Strategy and Website Design for Altec

B2B brand strategy and website design is something we’re passionate about here at Zinc, so we’re particularly excited to share our latest work.

inbound marketing // 08.28.16

Market Research with Social Media

Market research with social media has so many applications for both B2B and B2C organizations, and most companies haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how to use these online platforms. Sure- Facebook makes a great community network where you can connect with your brand advocates. Yes- Twitter is a fantastic way to connect with your customers and answer questions or handle complaints. But the market research aspect of these platforms aren’t being tapped into by many organizations.

inbound marketing // 08.27.16

The Benefits of Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads. Who knew they are so prominent? Have you ever visited an online store and left without buying, and all of a sudden you seem to see the store’s ads wherever you are on the Internet? If so, you’ve been retargeted.

inbound marketing // 08.24.16

6 Ways to Take your B2B Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Your B2B brand marketing strategy can be a difficult thing to identify. After all, Business to Business marketing requires a special level of attention and detail as you try to communicate with other professionals in your field. Fortunately, there are a few quick and easy ways to improve your B2B marketing strategy by developing a more complete vision of who you are talking to and what you have to offer.

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