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Browser Compatibility and Your Website


Before a site can be launched, it has to go through a rigorous process of testing to be sure everything is working according to the way it was designed. Links are checked, images are evaluated, content is given a last read-through, and the site is checked on multiple browsers to be sure things don’t break while being viewed from certain web browsers. This last part is critical- what may appear to work in your browser could be causing significant problems for someone using a different one.

Most people have their default browser (mine is Safari) and it’s sometimes easy to forget about the other options for viewing the World Wide Web. As designers and developers, it’s critical to take into account all of the methods end-users can interact with your website. Sometimes this includes older operating systems that can only run out-of-date browsers. Sometimes there are differences in the CSS and HTML that some browsers don’t support. We’ve even seen companies force their employees to use a certain system, therefore nullifying all other possibilities.

Regardless of the browser, the website must be viewable from all options. Developers can write browser-specific code that can resolve the issues, but it’s important to determine which browsers and versions are affected by any potential issues.

Here at Zinc, our testing process is well vetted and all-inclusive. We engage multiple individuals from different teams in our organization to include thorough testing in:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Explorer
  • Firefox
  • iPhone and iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry

Following testing, we make any necessary adjustments based on the browser in question. We also continue to test. Ongoing monitoring is critical because browsers are constantly being updated and patched, and it’s important to stay ahead of any issues before it impacts a user’s experience.


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