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Web Trends for 2016


Like the rest of the Internet, website design is constantly evolving. Each year brings a new set of web design trends that makes web browsing more pleasant for users, and lead website owners to build better websites. 2016 is no different, as it is expected to feature some of the most exciting web design trends ever. Here are a few that everyone should keep an eye out for:

Interactive storytelling

After they get there, people want to know why they should remain on a website. In 2016, web designers will do everything in their power to explain this to people. For this, one of the most popular web design trends of the year will be to transform the entire website into one big story that constantly explains to visitors why they should stay. This type of interactive storytelling will include animated graphics and striking images or videos — instead of rotating banners.

Mobile-friendly design choices

At the beginning of this century, computers took over the world. Now, mobile devices are pushing full-sized computers aside to become the dominant channels through which people access the web. In order to accommodate this, a mobile-friendly design is required. To this end, many websites are starting to use responsive website design, which naturally adapts to the screen size that is being used. In 2016, mobile-friendly web design trends will continue to evolve, as specific website elements change to work better on mobile devices. For example, hamburger menus will become more common.

Bolder design choices

Website owners are starting to realize that making a website standout goes beyond good SEO to get people to visit. If a person doesn’t like a website in a few seconds after clicking on a link, then they will leave. In order to convince visitors to stay, many website designers will be making bolder web design choices; this will become one of the top web design trends of the year. This means including elements like more striking — but clear — fonts and more vibrant color choices.

 2016 web design trends will take over the web

Website design has already emerged as one of the most important elements of digital marketing. Because they enhance the user experience, 2016’s upcoming web design trends will become extremely popular. Knowing what these trends are before 2016 hits allows a website designer to start upgrading their web pages right now, keeping their designs ahead of the curve.


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