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6 Ways to Increase Your SaaS Company’s Market Share

Because the SaaS industry is soaring to new heights, increasing your SaaS company’s market share is critical. In 2015, software as a service surpassed experts’ expectations when the industry’s revenues grew to $49 billion. Furthermore, analysts are now expecting for the global SaaS industry to hit $106 billion in earnings by the end of 2016. Below are six ways that you can capitalize on this market growth and increase your company’s revenue.

How To Drive Website Traffic with Social Media

Drive website traffic with social media- it’s one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors on your website. But using social media well can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, we have three simple strategies that can improve your conversion rate and ROI without having to increase the amount of actual content you are using.

How to Get Blog Followers Fast

Blog followers is an important part of blogging…and blogging is an important part of Inbound Marketing. Writing new and fresh content that is relevant to your audience will keep people coming back to your site and keep your on-page SEO fresh. It gives you the avenue to show you’re a thought leader in your industry, and it provides you with a platform for promoting content that will convert site visitors into qualified leads. In order for your blog to do all these, things, however, you need to have subscribers who interact with your content.

SaaS Marketing for Executives

SaaS marketing for executives brings a unique challenge to the table, as CMOs and VPs at software organizations will attest. Strategically generating leads and awareness around a product that has no physical presence takes a different kind of approach, and its one that when done successfully ensures very satisfying results.

7 Ways to Boost Website Conversions

How to increase conversions on your website is the key to a successful inbound marketing strategy. It’s also one of the biggest struggles our clients have- how do you get more? Obviously these conversions kick everything off and put your content in front of potential customers…but what are some ways you can increase these?

Alert: Google AdWords Update

The Google AdWords update was the focus of this year’s Google Performance Summit. They always seem to drop nuggets of information and updates every year, and the 2016 event was no different. Google revealed a handful of changes that are coming down the line that will make AdWords more mobile friendly and add more prominence to the ads placed on the network. In addition, it sounds like better metrics and more granular information will be available on campaigns going forward.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is a critical part of your business’ overall marketing strategy, as well as a great way to grow your company. Marketing is putting a decreased emphasis on print advertising and “traditional” marketing avenues, and more focus on the inbound marketing methodology. Your company is already behind if you haven’t embraced strategies like email, social media, and website conversions. But even if you understand how important it is, it can be difficult to know where to start and what activities are right for your organization.

Google Rankings SEO Checklist

Google Rankings and SEO are things that are hard to keep on top of. Google changes their algorithm so much, and then when you factor in over 200 ranking elements it becomes an even more insurmountable task. Do you have to optimize for all 200? Or are there some elements you should on to get higher search rankings?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Email Marketing

If you read or watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you get to know the story of two men and their misadventures as they interact with new people, new creatures, and new situations. Well, email marketing is kind of like exploring a new galaxy when you first get started. And without the right guidance, it’s an endeavor that can be full of mistakes and misadventures. So consider the next 5 elements your guide to the email marketing galaxy.

6 Things You Need to Know About Responsive Web Design

The days of website-slowing plugins and clunky mobile designs are fading fast; in their stead, responsive web design is taking over. This relatively new web design method is not just a hip trend in the world of web designers. It carries a bevy of benefits that marketers can take advantage of right now. That being said, here are six things that everyone needs to know about responsive web design:

Adding Personality to Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing strategies are part of a constantly evolving marketing landscape. The inbound marketing approach is different than other marketing techniques, however. That’s why adding personality to your inbound marketing is so important. It gives prospective customers answers and solutions to the questions they’re already asking, and it does so in a way that doesn’t disrupt or annoy. When done strategically, it is insanely successful. It increases engagement, builds brand trust, and expands the reach of your online presence.

Google Algorithm Update: Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

It’s no secret that Google updates their search algorithm on a regular basis. Their latest update, which came in the form of their Continuing to Make the Web More Mobile Friendly post on their Webmaster Central Blog yesterday, gives companies even MORE of a reason to have a mobile-friendly website.

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