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SaaS Marketing for Executives


SaaS marketing for executives brings a unique challenge to the table, as CMOs and VPs at software organizations will attest. Strategically generating leads and awareness around a product that has no physical presence takes a different kind of approach, and its one that when done successfully ensures very satisfying results.

Here at Zinc, we work with SaaS companies to help grow their businesses. Our teams leverage skill sets like inbound marketing and lead generation strategies to help our clients in these organizations maximize exposure and take their marketing up a notch.

Because we’ve been able to work with and help so many SaaS organizations, we’ve built a guide full of our best practices for SaaS marketing executives. It was compiled by industry veterans and experienced marketers who know what it takes to elevate SaaS marketing.

Quick Guide to SaaS Marketing for Executives

Our new resource will take you through several actionable ways to grow your software business. We give you the elements to creating an effective marketing strategy, and we know it will be useful to your organization.

We made sure to include:

  • Goal setting
  • Budgeting
  • Lead generation and pipeline marketing
  • Website design and optimization
  • Marketing reporting
  • and more…

We hope that you find our executive guide to SaaS marketing useful as you build your business.


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