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Adding Personality to Your Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing strategies are part of a constantly evolving marketing landscape.

The inbound marketing approach is different than other marketing techniques, however. That’s why adding personality to your inbound marketing is so important. It gives prospective customers answers and solutions to the questions they’re already asking, and it does so in a way that doesn’t disrupt or annoy. When done strategically, it is insanely successful. It increases engagement, builds brand trust, and expands the reach of your online presence.

The key to making it insanely successful is adding personality to your inbound marketing strategy. Making your social media “human” means you’ll see more engagement from the people on the other end of your content. This goes beyond just producing quality posts and articles, although it certainly includes it. It means your content has an authentic voice across every platform you publish to. It means engaging your network to create an army of brand advocates. It means doing your research on what your audience wants to hear, and then giving them information that helps them solve their problems.

In order to add personality to your inbound marketing efforts, your focus needs to be on engaging your audience. Get your followers involved in the conversation. Give them content worth mentioning, commenting on, and sharing. Make your content a two-way experience where you pay attention to the people who pay attention to you.

The big question that remains is how to create a strong two-way experience. It’s important for your audience to feel like they’re talking with you rather than just reading what you throw out there. The answer is surprisingly simple- make your audience feel like insiders. Ask their opinions, give them access to early information and product releases, and make them part of your social community. By doing this, you make your brand ambassadors feel special, which gives your inbound marketing the most personality possible.


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