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Easy Ways to Connect with Industry Influencers on Social Media

One of the benefits of social media is the direct contact people have with influencers in different industries. This was never an option before online media became mainstream. Want to interface directly with a celebrity? Want to connect with a leader of a Fortune 500 company? Need information from a company whose products you use? Looking for connections? Social media is the way.

Social Media and Your Marketing

Social media marketing is a relatively new player in the mix of marketing activities and elements. While Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin have been around for several years, organizations are starting to figure out how to use these powerful online vehicles to both expand their brand reach and connect with customers.

The Benefits of Magento Multi Store eCommerce Platforms

Using Magento multi-stores on an eCommerce platform is one of the top options for eCommerce web design solutions, allowing managers to easily create and launch multiple, yet unique, eCommerce websites from one central dashboard. Regardless of different situational requirements, using a platform this way allows brands to form an easy-to-manage, comprehensive multi-store strategy. Some of the most notable advantages of choosing Magento multi stores for eCommerce stores include:

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