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Alert: Google AdWords Update


The Google AdWords update was the focus of this year’s Google Performance Summit. They always seem to drop nuggets of information and updates every year, and the 2016 event was no different. Google revealed a handful of changes that are coming down the line that will make AdWords more mobile friendly and add more prominence to the ads placed on the network. In addition, it sounds like better metrics and more granular information will be available on campaigns going forward.

So what does this mean for you? You should get ready to pivot your AdWords strategy and get ready for new features. Here are the main takeaways from Google Summit 2016:

Google AdWords Update 1: Text Ads Are Getting Bigger

Instead of dinky little text ads that get lost, the new and improved text ads will be expanded. Headlines can now be 30 characters, and the description block 80 characters. This increase can help click through rates by up to 25% according to Google, which is fantastic for companies using paid advertising.

Google AdWords Update 2: Bid on Ads Based on Device

Because people are doing more web browsing on their phones and tablets, Google’s announcement makes a lot of sense. Depending on what industry you’re in, having the option to advertise solely on mobile devices could significantly improve the success of your campaigns.

Google AdWords Update 3: Responsive Display Ads

Finally! Google has been awarding higher rankings to sites that are responsive and mobile friendly, but to date their display ads haven’t compressed down based on browser size and device. The best part? Google makes the ad for you. All you have to do is give them a title, description, and URL and they take it from there. That’s our kind of advertising!

Google AdWords Update 4: Ads on Google Maps

This is the Google AdWords update we’re most excited about for our clients who do local advertising. Now local ads can be posted on the Google Maps page, and brand logos will also be displayed. We’re interested to see how targeting will work for Google Maps advertising, but regardless of the details this is a really exciting feature that, in our opinion, is long overdue.


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