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7 Ways to Boost Website Conversions


How to increase conversions on your website is the key to a successful inbound marketing strategy. It’s also one of the biggest struggles our clients have- how do you get more? Obviously these conversions kick everything off and put your content in front of potential customers…but what are some ways you can increase these?

Here are seven actionable things that our clients have found very valuable. These are battle-tested and proven techniques that direct your visitors to take action on your site.

Increase Conversions by Creating Compelling Value Propositions

In order to get your contacts and site visitors to fill out forms and become part of your database, you need to provide compelling value propositions that will make them want to hand over their information to you. Things like eBooks, white papers, infographics, industry reports, and other materials are perfect for compelling people to download.

Increase Trust

No one will download anything from your website if they don’t trust your site, your company, or your brand. There are a few things you can do to help people feel at ease enough to convert on your website.

  • Add logos of existing or previous businesses you’ve worked with
  • Keep your design professional so you look like a real organization
  • Make sure you website is easy to navigate
  • Avoid typos, wrong links, and other errors

Communicate Value

If site visitors don’t see your content as valuable, they won’t bother downloading it. It makes total sense- and the way to counter this is by making sure people understand exactly what they’re getting when they fork over their information. Pulling excerpts from the piece, including a list of how it can help them improve their business, and other bits of information will communicate how awesome your content is.

Offer Proof

This one goes right along with increasing trust, but proof of your work and your successes is important for people to feel like you’re an expert in your field. After all, who would want to read a piece of content from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about? Downloadable customer use cases and client quotes go a long way in making you trustworthy in a prospects’ eyes.

Remove Distractions to Increase Conversions

Take a look at the design on your landing pages. Is the design simple? Have you removed the header from the page? Do you have one Call-to-Action so your visitors know exactly what you want them to do? Is the content long and busy? Analyzing these elements and simplifying your landing pages can help your conversions a lot. Simply taking away distractions and leading people to the action you want them to take can account for a significant increase in form fills.

Forms Should be as Short as Possible

Speaking of form fills, try keeping those forms as short as possible. Long forms can be daunting and scary for site visitors, so you’ll want to only include the fields you absolutely need. If you use a solution like Hubspot, you can set up progressive forms so a contact gives you new information each time they download an asset.

Use a Chat Tool

Leveraging a chat tool will give your visitors a personal connection with your brand. Talking to someone, even though they don’t get to see them, helps answer questions, communicate quickly, and will even help drive downloads with the added trust.


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