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3 Reasons for Responsive Web Design


Just a few years ago, if a company wanted their website to be viewable on different platforms, completely separate sites had to be designed, programmed, and implemented. It sounds like a lot of extra work, right? But now, thanks to a recent focus on what’s calledresponsive web design, one site can be designed so it scales to varying screen resolutions, definitions, and orientations.


So what can a responsive web design do for your business? Check these 3 things out.


Responsive Websites are User focused

In the wonderful world of web design, the user is central to everything. One of the biggest benefits to having a responsive site is that it caters to the user’s behavior. So whether someone is on a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer, their experience will be optimal because it will be relevant and built for any size screen.

Responsive Websites are Future Friendly

New devices are entering the market place every day. These come from different manufacturers, have different screen sizes, include different functionality, and have different orientations. The benefit to have a responsive site is that it’s not built for individual devices- it’s built to be flexible. So no matter what phone, tablet, or computer comes out in the future, your website will adjust to fit it.


Responsive Websites Help with SEO

Although there has been some discussion about responsive websites and SEO, these designs can help you in your battle with search engines. For starters, you will be able to avoid duplicate content that comes with multiple versions of the same site. You will also be able to take advantage of the mobile SEO rankings, which can help boost your overall strategy.


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