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Eccentex Website Optimized for Inbound Marketing


Zinc branded Eccentex as an industry-leading cloud application company, and built their website to help the company deliver knowledge worker apps to enterprise organizations. The site also helped this high-tech B2B Company increase brand awareness and lead flow while setting them apart from the rest of the market.

Zinc used clean lines, open designs, and modern best practices when building the Eccentex site. The iconography, typography, and imagery all correspond to and represent the technology behind the brand, which allowed users to visually experience the cloud infrastructure as they read about what the product does. A new look and feel was also added to the company’s AppLibrary- one that synergized with the new design and enhanced filtering capabilities.

In order to influence the target market, the website also clearly segmented and defined the product offerings and allowed visitors to easily locate applicable sections on the Eccentex site. In addition to working closely with product managers, Zinc performed AB testing and usability studies to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Inbound marketing was at the core of the Eccentex marketing strategy, so Zinc tightly integrated the website with Hubspot, the company’s chosen marketing automation software. All forms, site traffic, and marketing metrics were recorded on the platform, and the Zinc implementation ensured that all goals and data were collected accurately and consistently.

In addition to expert recommendations on SEO best practices and keyword integration, Zinc built an SEO-centered site for Eccentex. By strategically incorporating H1 titles and text zones containing suitable amounts of copy, the company was able to present succinct and focused content that was pleasing to both search engines and users alike.

Zinc also designed social media graphics to help expand the Eccentex brand to all of the company’s online profiles. This increased brand loyalty and engaged Eccentex customers, partners and employees on a deeper level. By promoting content on different online platforms, the company was able to amplify their message, drive web traffic, and increase website conversions.


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