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Easy Ways to Connect with Industry Influencers on Social Media


One of the benefits of social media is the direct contact people have with influencers in different industries. This was never an option before online media became mainstream. Want to interface directly with a celebrity? Want to connect with a leader of a Fortune 500 company? Need information from a company whose products you use? Looking for connections? Social media is the way.

People don’t always think about the best ways to connect with prestigious and popular accounts, but it takes more than just a tweet here and there to really connect with the people who are important to your company and/or cause. It takes planning and strategy to get on the radar of influencers, and we have a few easy ways to connect.

Follow Their Accounts

Make sure you are following the industry influencers on each platform you are on. This way you know what content is being published and how to best interact with the people you want to connect with. By following on multiple platforms you increase the likelihood of interacting with your influencers.

Share Good Content

Make sure you are creating and sharing good and relevant content. Creating a foundation of thought leadership is important when attracting the attention of industry influencers.

Follow Their Followers

Create a network of the influencer’s contacts on your own social network. Follow the people that they follow so you are up to date on the information and content that is in front of them. Once you have access to their followers, you’ll be able to share the content their followers share in order to achieve maximum visibility.

Share and Like Their Content

This goes back to the share good content portion, but the more of your influencer’s content you share the more visible you will be. You will want to stay away from sharing everything they post, but two or three retweets or cross posts a week should give you the visibility you’re looking for.

Messages the Influencer’s Account

Tagging the account your wish to catch the attention of in the message you’re writing will alert the influencer to your account and the content you create and share. This will help you stand out and get noticed by the people you want to connect with.


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