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SEO and Responsive Website Design


As an Orange County Web Design firm, we design and code many responsive websites. But it’s not just enough to create a beautiful website that is optimized for all browsers. We also make sure that our web builds boost search engine rankings and satisfy the needs and desires of end users.

Here are some specific ways that new, responsive websites can up the SEO factor for clients:

Google Loves Responsive Websites

In April of 2015, Google introduced responsive design as a ranking factor in its algorithm. While the rest of the algorithm is a huge mystery, this is one aspect that is a known to impact the ranking of a website against other sites. Curious how to tell if your site stacks up to Google’s latest algorithm? They’ve provided a super-handy test that will tell you exactly what you need to know:


User experience = better on-page performance

The experience for the end user is one of the most important considerations to take into account in a responsive web design. Helping visitors navigate to critical information, keeping them engaged with animations and short blocks of content, and making sure the site scales to whatever device they may be viewing from are critical to providing the best brand experience possible. The more visitors spend time and interact with your site, the higher your statistics will be. And those Google will notice.

Load times

It’s a common complaint amongst sites that are not built with a responsive infrastructure that there are issues with load time. This occurs because older sites often load the entire page when it is visited. If a page is rich with content, graphics, and other data, this could cause significant issues with your load time, which in turn will make your google optimization suffer.

If your site has was built with a responsive design and infrastructure, the site loads as a user scrolls, which not only improves the end user experience, but it also indicated to google that page speed is fast (another Google ranking element).


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