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5 Ways to Make Your Website Demand Generation Friendly


In the B2B world, generating sales leads on your website is a key function of your company’s online presence. From Pay Per Click campaigns to Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Activity, inbound marketing (letting your customers find you instead of blowing up their phones, emails, and offices trying to sell them your offering) is causing a shift in the strategies of marketing programs across the globe. Demand generation through company websites is becoming a fundamental function, and one that is constantly being fine-tuned and improved upon.

Here at Zinc, we understand the power that comes from online demand generation. As a leading orange county web design agency, we’ve had the privilege of implementing demand generation programs on sites across multiple industries and platforms. Here are a 5 ways you can {EASILY} make your website more demand-generation friendly:

Plenty of Call to Action buttons

This one may sound like a given, but visitors to your site often won’t know what to do until you tell them. Be sure to include plenty of Call-to-Action buttons on your site to guide your visitors through your content and encourage them to take whatever action you’re requesting.

Set up landing pages

Landing pages are a great way to attract segmented audiences. On each page you can target a different portion of your market and then promote it to those individuals based on segmented data. For example, on one page you can gear your writing towards middle-aged men, and on another young adult women. You can offer different things depending on different demographics without it affecting the messaging on your entire site.

Use analytics

This is an important item to leverage when doing demand generation via web solutions. Why? Because you need to be able to track what is working and what is not. Just like any aspect of your marketing program, you want to know what is generating opportunities and revenue- and your company website is no different. With a solution like Google Analytics in place, you can do A/B testing, know which landing pages are converting the highest, and find out whether your web pages are getting the traffic you expected. Without analytics, you wouldn’t be able to track or find out that information.

Integrate with your CRM

Website integration with CRM solutions is critical to a successful demand generation program. When your sales tools are integrated with your website, your sales team is able to respond quickly to any incoming leads, which ensures the highest conversion rate.

Use content to your advantage to get your audiences’ attention

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Content is KING. Getting fresh content onto your website for visitors to download is a way to increase the leads flowing into your pipeline. To make your demand generation program stronger, plan to regularly publish new and fresh content to give your prospects more reasons to engage and come back to your website.


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