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Using Twitter to Increase Demand Generation


Here at Zinc we do a lot of social marketing for our clients, so we have a lot of conversations about the relationship between social media and traditional marketing. Most companies accept that social platforms can increase their brand awareness and education, but far fewer seem to understand how beneficial it can be in regards to their demand generation programs, as well.

Social media itself isn’t necessarily a lead-generating tool, but when combined with other elements of a marketing plan it can bolster the engagement levels and success of your campaigns. When used correctly, it bridges the gap between traditional outbound marketing techniques and new inbound methods to give your prospects every possible opportunity to turn into a lead.

Each social platform can expand your outbound marketing reach, but today we want to focus specifically on Twitter marketing and your demand generation programs. We’ve compiled a list (based on our 15 years in the industry- we promise we know what we’re talking about) of 4 easy ways to leverage Twitter to boost website conversions and improve your demand generation campaign results.

Include a link to a specific landing page in your twitter profile

The link on your profile doesn’t have to be a link to your homepage. You can change it as your campaigns phase in and out, but why not make it go directly to a landing page on your site? You’d be surprised how this simple change can make a big difference.

Send Twitter followers to a form

If you’re tweeting messages about your company of information you want your followers to have, sending them to a general page isn’t the best way to drive them to action. A better way is to tweet a brief description of whatever you’re sending them to and then point them directly to the form. This way they don’t hunt around your site, get frustrated, and bounce off.

Promote events

Promoting events on Twitter is a great way to use to platform to boost your marketing, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you embark. First, Twitter happens in real-time, so you need to make updates regularly and frequently. You don’t want to annoy people, though, so be sure to keep the tweets fresh and exciting. It even helps to retweet every few messages to help encourage interaction.

Tweet out snippets from an email marketing campaign

An email campaign is great Twitter fodder because it has built in messaging and value propositions. If you take a few lines from a campaign you’re running, drop it into Twitter, and then attach a link to the corresponding landing page, you’ll be able to leverage Twitter to help boost your email campaign conversions.


If you’re looking for more tips on how to leverage social media or increase your online demand generation opportunities, we would love to talk to you!


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