Email Metrics

We help your ROI improve by developing strong relationships you’re your clients via email. Our professionals have a deep understanding of buyer personas and the customer journey. We train our teams to segment and manage lists, create personalized content, run automated email campaigns, and provide insight into performance results to get the most out of email marketing.

Marketing Workflows

We help you stay on top of your customer relationships with an automated solution. We create formalized, repeatable, measurable processes that your team can implement consistently. These processes make marketing to your customers a creative process, as well as one that keeps your passion for your brand and for your client relationships alive. We also help you keep in touch with the customers you’ve already gained in order to keep your company and your products and solutions top of mind.

Customer Engagement

Our nurture campaigns provide the most direct line of communication for engaged your existing customers and making them brand enthusiasts. When done correctly (without being annoying or spam), nurture campaigns are an exchange of your information for their time. It deepens relationships and offers a quick and easy way for your prospects to share your information with others.

Smart CTAs

We help you get the most out of your marketing content with trackable and measurable calls to action. Not only is the content in these CTAs intuitive and intelligent, but they are also integrated with your marketing automation solution for a optimized analysis. We have the experience to implement actionable and persuasive links throughout your content and in the buttons on your website that guide your website visitors to do exactly what you want them to.

Social Media ROI

Our social media team is just as skilled at using social media marketing for customer relationships as they are at lead generation. We create a monthly social media editorial calendar for you to approve in advance, complete with daily posts and custom images tailored to the social media sites your audiences visit most often. We monitor your channels daily and measure and report results monthly so you know just how much engagement your social strategy is garnering.

Custom Surveys

We enable you to build and improve on your customer engagement programs with professionally crafted surveys. These ensure regular and sustained communication and collaboration with your internal teams and your Zinc team. We can assist you with setting up, managing, and improving your own internal surveys, as well as customer and prospect surveys, to amplify participation.