Inbound Marketing Growth

We create a customized inbound marketing solution that will help you grow your reach, conversions, and traffic on your website. Once the plan is in place, we’ll measure the volume, conversion, velocity, and value of your marketing efforts—and map those metrics from the beginning of the buyer’s journey. We will build an actionable growth strategy so you can monitor content performance, optimize your channels, and make your business goals a reality.

Measurable Campaign Reach

We provide data that will tell you how many people and accounts were reached on various online platforms. Reach helps you understand how visible and accessible your content is, as well as how shareable and viral it is. By looking at this data, we give you the opportunity to make informed decisions about the content and platforms that are used in your campaigns.

Website Traffic Analytics

While organic rankings can take time to consistently increase, we make sure to keep the flow of fresh content coming to build on the success of your inbound marketing efforts. We connect your expectations and goals with our efforts so your requirements are met and so you’ll see an increase in the number of people visiting your site.

Website Conversions

We care about more than just the traffic to your site. We focus on increasing the conversions on your website to drive qualified leads into your sales funnel. Zinc leverages our experience building demand generation focused websites to offer suggestions on content, calls to action, page layouts, and form fields to bring you valuable and actionable ways to get more leads from your website.

Campaign Performance

Building out campaigns is the easy part, what you want to be able to connect is how the work we do in the beginning provides a desired outcome for your business. By establishing the right goals and expectations in the beginning, and then measuring against those goals and tweaking the content as we go, we can compare the goals with the actual results.