Email Marketing Strategy

Marketing success is based on audience development, specifically the size and quality of your opt-in email database. Our professionals have a deep understanding of buyer personas and the customer journey. We train our teams to segment and manage lists, create personalized content, run automated email campaigns, and provide insight into performance results to get the most out of email marketing.

Workflow Development

We help you manage your customer life cycles through workflows within your marketing automation solution. We create formalized, repeatable, measurable processes that your team can implement consistently. These processes make marketing to your customers a creative process, as well as one that keeps your passion for your brand and for your client relationships alive. We also help you keep in touch with the customers you’ve already gained in order to keep your company and your products and solutions top of mind.

Drip Nurture Campaigns

Email nurture campaigns take the conversation about your business and your prospects’ needs to a more personable environment. In addition, it provides the most direct line of communication for pulling leads through your funnel and is very cost effective. When done correctly (without being annoying or spam), nurture campaigns is an exchange of your information for their time. It deepens relationships and offers a quick and easy way for your prospects to share your information with others.

Lead Scoring

As your prospects visit your website, download content, and register for events, they leave clues about their interests, needs, and willingness to buy. Using industry best practices and our own experience, we help you define and document behaviors and assign a scoring system that will help your sales team understand exactly where your prospects are in the sales cycle and what they need to move down the funnel. We help you untangle the web of lead-nurturing workflows to get the right content to the right person – and keep them coming back for more.

CRM Integration

The Zinc team is experience in integrating your website and marketing automation solution into your CRM. We seamlessly help you move from telling your story to selling your solution, with all the tools you need right in front of you. We create holistic dashboards from multiple technology sources to bring you the best sales and marketing integration possible. We combine your unique sales process marketing automation, content marketing, and social media to drive the conversation forward.