Marketing Personas

An effective marketing program begins with knowing your buyers. You need to understand who they are, what job functions they perform, where they spend their time online, their professional priorities and what decision criteria they use. Zinc helps you create personas for your ideal customers that will serve as a baseline for all of your inbound marketing materials.

Website and Marketing Pages

The best content is easy to read, succinct, educational, and directs visitors to take action. The Zinc content team has a team of writers, editors, and designers that work with you to write your web pages, audit your content to determine needs and opportunities, and build out a content solution that optimizes customer engagement.

Blogging Content and Strategy

Blogging is the one of the cornerstones of inbound marketing, but to succeed, you need an organized, consistent publishing process and the staff to support it. Our in-house team of content creators, authors, journalists, and social media experts have the blogging process down pat.

Google Ranked Keywords

Zinc helps you tell your story to the best possible audience with relevant keywords. We assess your current content and its corresponding keywords, analyze performance, mitigate any gaps with new keyword suggestions, and optimize your content to help your ideal clients to find your inbound marketing content.

Social Media Messaging

Our social media team is adept at creating content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as niche social media platforms. We create a monthly social media editorial calendar for you to approve in advance, complete with daily posts and custom images tailored to the social media sites your audiences visit most often. We monitor your channels daily and measure and report results monthly so you know just how much engagement your social strategy is garnering.